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Private Fibre Optic

Become more independent by acquiring your own private fibre optic network. Does the size of your business require you to use a large amount of data? Optimize and secure this operation with help from Sogetel.

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More Control Over Your Data

Do your business activities involve large quantities of data to be sent between two points? Improve performance by choosing a private fibre optic network.


You will get complete independence in terms of bandwidth: no more restrictions on the interconnection of your networks and no constraints linked to fluctuations in an external telecommunications network. The result is more options and increased security.


Having a private network for your company provides a higher level of physical security. You are the sole owner and user of the fibres dedicated to you, and you even know their route. Give yourself peace of mind and be confident that your data is secure.


In case you need technical support, our team will be on site within a reasonable time to carry out the repair, allowing you to continue your operations without delays. If the technical problem requires longer work, Sogetel will be in constant communication to give you updated information on its progress. Sogetel’s service is recognized for its efficiency and its human approach, ensuring complete independence, backed up with the best support!


  • Fibres completely exclusive to your company
  • Fibre route map provided
  • Repairs provided by Sogetel technical support


  • No usage limits
  • Constant flow rate determined by your equipment
  • No limits on network protocols
  • Increased physical security
  • Low latency
  • Guaranteed quality of service